Monday, May 25, 2009

Dressing Up With a Passion For Fashion

If you have a small girl or even a young teen, you'd probably heard of the Bratz. They are a group of characters that rival Mattel's Barbie in every part of the doll industry. From the dolls themselves, to other products, such as video games, TV shows, CD's and clothing, the Bratz have attracted thousands of girls all over the world. Maybe it's because girls identify more with the age and friendship that the Bratz represent. In any case, Mattel has tried, without success, to legally stop the Bratz from invading the young teens and girls market.

A doll of one of the Bratz (Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade, but I'm sure you knew them already), is a bit expensive, never mind trying to get at least the 4 main characters. An inexpensive way to play dress up with the Bratz is trying the online games about them that you can find all over the Internet. Not only they are free, but they're safe as well. No violence or sex that's inappropriate for your child. And it might allow your child to get interested in computers and learn how to use them.

In addition, virtual dolls don't get lost, broken, worn, stepped on, misplaced or stolen. And they don't have to be put away after playtime.

Free Fun with Marvelous Mya

This game has a great selection of different styles for dressing up Mya. You can also combine clothes and accessories and create your own style. Hairdos are included too.

Dressing Up Your Own Bratz Doll

This dress up game lets you change the name of your virtual doll. Some girls name their doll with their own name. Others use their friends or sisters' names. Finally, some prefer to make up games. Kids can even download some of the dolls for later use. Of course, any downloading must be supervised by parents, for both the child and your computer's safety.

Dress Up the Animal Kingdom

If kids love animals, either real or fictitious, there are games that allow playing dress up with them as well. Tigers, elephants, bears and tigers can join the fashion parade, along with deer, bunnies, raccoons, puppies and kitties. Of course, famous animals are included too, like Dumbo, Pumba, and Yogi.

Decorate your surroundings

In addition to tinkering with the dolls' clothing, you can also change the surroundings. Some games that feature cartoon characters allow you to place your virtual doll in the most common locations of the show.

That's Not All

There are other games on Internet that feature other activities different than dressing up. All of these games involve creative thinking and they develop your child's imagination and sense of style. In addition, your child can bring a friend over or call you to interact with her in order to come up with the prettiest style for the Bratz' party. With no price to pay, no violence, no sexual content, you can rest assured that your girl is having creative, safe fun.

And while you're at it, why don't you give these games a try? Even if they're aimed at younger children, there's no reason why you can't take a break from work and find what pair of shoes go well with Cloe's purse, is there?